Our Student Board is integral to the success of EnviroClub.  Each school year we enlist the help of college students from many disciplines such as: environmental studies, business, marketing, and management to help us coordinate events and exhibits.  The Student Board helps us grow and maintain our directory of campus clubs that are working to save the planet.  Every year at the end of April, we bring together students to fill our Student Board.

Amin Adibnazari - Team Manager

Although currently his field of concentration at Westminster College, business has long before been a part of Amin’s life. Growing up witnessing his father’s creation of one of the most successful businesses in the state of Utah, Amin was inspired to do the same.

He began working for his father and eventually advanced to working as a financial analyst for OAI Enterprises—a real estate-focused investment firm. Throughout his different work experiences, he sought after ways that he could not only improve the business, but also help the people and world that he serves. That includes working to make the world itself a better place. He hopes that his participation in the EnviroClub effort will provide him the platform to prove what he has to offer.

Jasmin Carlson - Secretary

I was born and raised in north-west Montana. I spent summers on Flathead lake, and winters on the slopes. I love Montana, and days on end spent surrounded by our natural resources has led to a healthy respect.That area still owns my heart, but recent resolutions by the Montana legislature in comparison to my own research alerted me to the pressing nature of current environmental issues. 

Febriana Wang - Club Liaison, Hong Kong/ United States

Hi! My name is Febriana. I am from Hong Kong and currently studying in Utah, where I first learned about the EnviroClub Organization. I am always interested in environmental issues and somehow I found that the organization shared the same vision. I decided that is what I want to do after the first club meeting. I am glad that I am able to offer what I have to help the organization achieve their goals. And I have gained a lot from my position. Being the Liaison Person of the organization, I am responsible for recruiting and connecting clubs and providing clubs with the means to advocate their causes and projects to their communities.

Denver Cayetano - Club Liaison, Belize

July 14th, 1993 welcomed this baby boy of Garinagu descent, (a mix between the Carib/Arawak Indians and Africans) in the capital city of Belize, Belmopan to Joycelyn lewis and James Cayetano. Fast forward 19 years and I’m enrolled at the University of Belize under the Bachelor Natural Resources Management (NRM) Program. Having been attending the University of Belize (UB) since 2010 I’ve had the opportunity to become an active member of UB’s Environmental Club where I’ve taken on three executive positions including the post of club President. I am student assistant at the University’s Environmental Research Institute. Also, on the executive board of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation, Belize Chapter as its Student Representative. In my free time I enjoy volunteering in different research projects. So far I’ve worked with plants, macro-invertebrates, detritus mats and permanent sampling plots.

With a very active student career which has to do with mostly environmental related commitments you’d think I’d always had a plan to work in conservation. Even in my last semester of high school it hadn’t crossed my mind that I’d be as committed as I am to the cause. But seeing the path some countries have taken and seeing the environmental consequences we are now suffering because of that, I find it very important to help Belize, full of nature and biodiversity, prevent such situations.

While I was President of the Environmental Club was when I found the EnviroClub and that relationship has now catapulted to me working with them towards this common cause. I see a bright future with the EnviroClub.